Welcome to Snoep. This is the homepage of Hjalmar Snoep, Snoep Animation and Snoep games. is funny in Dutch. Snoep is my last name, which means CANDY. You can eat candy and "at" means ate in Dutch. So I'm NOT Austrian. Because it is a normal word in Dutch, I couldn't claim my last name in the Dutch realm, so I decided on this.

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Hjalmar Snoep

Welcome to my homepage. I'm a bit of an allrounder. I make games, animate, illustrate, compose music, program (mostly games), educate and do social projects. I've split the site into different sections, to be clearer about all this activity.

and partners...

Although it's true I do and make all these things myself, I don't do them all alone, no man is an island. Whenever I get the chance, I like working with loads of talented people. I call those the partners of Snoep. I see Snoep Games, Snoep Animation, Snoep Illustration and Snoep Sound as network companies. Network companies that allow me to do what I love. Here are the people that make that possible: List of partners.

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